This two-part series seeks to raise awareness of how media, political rhetoric, and public policy affect our Muslim neighbors, and how we might take responsibility as allies. Baptists have a complex history of being persecuted for religious dissent, offering refuge to fellow dissenters, and persecuting other minorities when in power. Many of us have learned to fear those who are different, whether neighbors or enemies. And yet our faith calls us to love, which manifests in public in work for justice.

In the first session, we will discuss how historical patterns of racism, religious discrimination, and anti-Muslim sentiment have intersected for decades; and how Islamophobia is created and sustained in public life. In the second session, we will learn more about the variety of Muslim lives and what it means to accompany Muslims as allies and friends. We hope to build toward a collaborative action plan that will enable us to move together from fear to justice.

FBCJP serves a weekly Wednesday night dinner for the community at 6pm. You are welcome to come early and eat.

This series is facilitated by Dr. Lance Laird, Assistant Professor of Medical Anthropology and Cross Cultural Practice at Boston University School of Medicene.