About Boston Southwest

The Boston South-West Association (BSW) of American Baptist Churches in Massachusetts is a constituent association of The American Baptist Churches of Massachusetts (TABCOM).  BSW is a link of cooperation, delegation and fellowship with the American Baptist, World Baptist and other ecumenical agencies.

Our membership consists of those churches of Jesus Christ in the southwest metropolitan area and suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts which are recognized as American Baptist. The BSW Association serves as an instrument for expressing connectional relationship of its constituent churches, strategically planning and programming matters in their community of Christian concern.

Click here for a directory of TABCOM churches (Boston Southwest listings begin on p. 19).

How does a church become a part of Boston Southwest?

To be admitted to membership, a church submits a request for admittance into the Association in writing to the Clerk of the Association. A church shall become a member after application and upon a majority vote of the delegates present and voting at any meeting of the Association regularly called with the purpose of acting upon that application stated in the call to the meeting.

How does a church withdraw from Boston Southwest?

A church may withdraw its membership by official action of the church and through its clerk giving notice of such to the Clerk of the Association in writing. Such notice to be received at a meeting of the Association and accepted as final at the following annual meeting, whereupon the mutual responsibilities and relationship shall terminate.